FMI Limited Freemans India manufacturer of Measuring Tapes, Tape measures, Spirit Levels, Measuring wheels, Measuring tools, Measuring Instruments in India Freemans India

The Company

FMI Limited the manufacturers of FREEMANS products had a modest beginning in 1950 when Mr. Madan Nayar the Present Chairman and Managing Director of the company initiated the manufacture of tape measures for the first time in the country.

This marked the beginning of the measuring tools industry in India. The Company continued it's pursuit for innovation with the introduction of products such as spirit levels, measuring wheels, telescopic measures, for the first time in the country.

A well diversified Company....

Overwhelming response from the market propelled the company to expand it's products range. FREEMANS soon emerged as the largest and most recognized brand in it's field and has since been unrivalled in it's  Position as the market leader in the country. The manufacture and export of hand tools added a new dimension to the activities of the company.





Commitment to quality....
Precision, quality and an unwavering guest for perfection resulted in constant upgrading of technology and expansion of the  existing production facilities to meet the growing demand. FMI is an ISO-9001:2000 Certified company where stringent quality control system are being religiously followed to ensure complete customer satisfaction. FREEMANS quality is Comparable to the best international standards.

Presence all over the world...

FREEMANS products have earned worldwide recognition, with well established markets in over 60 countries. FMI was among the first non-European companies to Obtain EEC approval for FREEMANS products. The Company has been obtaining export excellence awards year after year.

At FMI, the quest for excellence is an on-going process.




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